Environmental Policy

Last updated: August 6, 2023

The following statement outlines Wafer Painting Green's policy with regards to our painting and decorating activities (for both residential and commercial properties), as well as those of our employees, and any other person or contractor under our control whose actions may have a negative impact on the environment.

Our goal is to protect the environment as a whole, as well as our personnel, by constantly reviewing our activities and striving for continuous environmental improvement. Although we are not ISO 14001 registered, we use this standard as a template for our environmental policies and procedures.

Reducing pollution

First, our team is committed to preventing and reducing pollution wherever possible. We're well aware that painting and decoration activities can have a significant impact on the environment; for instance, with regards to vehicle use, paints, varnishes, solvents, water usage, water pollution and waste materials.

To align with modern environmental initiatives and best practices, Wafer Painting Green constantly strives to minimise vehicle usage, reduce waste paint, and decrease the usage of tins and containers if unnecessary. Furthermore, we only dispose of waste substances in an environmentally responsible and legal manner.

New Zealand Environmental Policy

Additionally, our company is committed to carrying out all activities in compliance with New Zealand environmental policy (including, but not limited to, the Fourth and Fifth National Communications on Climate Change). We strive to exceed any other requirements to which other companies subscribe in relation to their environmental aspects, and aim to exemplify environmental best practice in our day-to-day operations.


To maximise visibility and accessibility, we have made our policy available in various locations and formats. A physical copy can be found at our office during normal business hours, and the digital version is posted on our website. We also keep copies in each company vehicle, so that anyone who is interested can easily access it—regardless of whether they are directly connected to our activities.

Prior to beginning any work, our team will attempt to ensure that all individuals are aware of company policy as well as the potential health, safety, and environmental risks that come with policy violations. Our team will go over this information during initial induction and then reinforce it through ongoing training, awareness talks, team meetings, and Tool Box Talks.


Our managerial and operational procedures will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary in response to changes in legislation, company structure, or new information becoming available. We will set yearly environmental objectives and targets at these meetings, which we will then monitor and review monthly, in an attempt to maintain a high standard of sustainability.

The overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy is vested in the undersigned.


Wafer Painting / Wafer Painting Green Managing Directors



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